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Saraga Communications is specialized in communication services for academic institutions, government authorities and technology companies. We can make your communication more efficient and to the point. We advise on strategy, develop and implement projects, and coach people. 


We are based in Basel, Switzerland, and work in English, French and German.

The founder, Daniel Saraga, is an outreach specialist and a science journalist. He was Head of science communication at the Swiss National Science Foundation, and has worked as editor-in-chief for three scientific and academic magazines. 

We maintain a network of graphic designers, social media specialists, filmmakers, journalists, editors and translators. We can assume coordination and quality control, delivering ready-to-use products fulfilling the highest expectations.

Our strengths

> Broad knowledge of numerous scientific, technological, economic and political topics


> Ability to quickly identify the relevant issues in each context


> Extensive experience in communication projects


> Analytical, synthetic and quick thinking, direct communication


> Attention to detail, high expectations, pragmatic approach 


> First-hand experience of the world of research, institutions, SMEs and multinationals

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