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We provide integrated communication services for institutions, government authorities and companies active in the scientific, academic and technical domains.

> Communication strategy

​> Project concepts, organization and implementation

​> Print magazines and brochures, infographics, online communication

​> Texts, editing, translations

​> Event moderation, coaching and training

> Consulting on science policy strategy

Communication strategy


We develop effective communication strategies aligned to the objectives of each individual institution – this is an essential first step to ensure both clear objectives and the most efficient means of achieving them.


Project concepts, organization and implementation

Campaigns, events, media relations, online or print: we transform ideas into actionable plans that can be discussed, compared and evaluated. We organize your project to make sure it can work as planned and ensure its implementation to fulfil the highest expectations. 


Print magazines and brochures, infographics, online communication

We advise on print products from flyers to reports and magazines, making sure they reach your audience. We take care of production and coordinate the writers, graphic designers, printers and web programmers. We ensure compact stories, concise language and relevant images. We oversee the creation of infographics, data visualizations and websites by coordinating work with designers and website makers and ensure the highest possible quality.

​Texts, editing, translations


We write, edit and translate texts in French and advise on texts in English and German to maximize impact by making them readable, concise and precise.

Event moderation, coaching and training

​We moderate events and panel discussions. We coach in one-to-one sessions to improve written, online and oral communication skills and to prepare you for sensitive issues affecting your institution. We train staff in English, French and German.

Consulting on science policy strategy


We offer strategic advice in the fields of science and higher education policy: from open access to reforms of academic careers , our external perspective will help you to position yourself in a complex and constantly changing environment.


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