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Do you want to share your knowledge with society?


Do you need to communicate about your research broadly?

Our workshops give you practical tools to help you optimize your communication to your audience and goals.

Writing workshop

Write to be read

Social media course

Use social networks efficiently

Inclusive language


Express yourself in a neutral way naturally

Media training


Be in control with journalists

Science advice

Ensure your impact as an expert

Workshops in 2023
  • Online, in English (or in French upon request)

  • Each workshop takes place on two mornings

  • Number of participants: 4 - 8

  • For scientists, from MSc students to professors

Writing workshop

10 + 17 October 2023

Media training

31 October + 7 November 2023 

Social media course

14 + 21 Novemeber 2023 

Science advice

28 November + 5 December 2023

Language inclusif

12 décembre 2023  (en français, un demi-jour)

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