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Portraits of former scientists




What’s like to retire from a lifelong career in research? I wrote for Horizons portraits of two former scientists: a pioneer in building physics and a software engineer for international space telescope collaborations.

Short report on political polarization


FNR Luxembourg


Western societies are not as polarized as popular opinion suggests. I summarized the current scientific evidence on political and societal polarization for, the news portal of FNR Luxembourg.

Article on animal research


University of Fribourg


Academia has often been reactive and discreet about animal research. Not so anymore: they are now pledging to communicate proactively and openly. I wrote about this for Universitas, the magazine of the University of Fribourg.

Book chapter on communicating uncertainty


University of Luxembourg


How to best communicate uncertainty? I gave a few possible answers in a short chapter published in an open-access book summarizing 50 tips on science communication.

Portrait of a"fuzzy logic evangelist"




Horizons published my portrait of Edy Portmann, a computer scientist who promotes fuzzy logic in his work at the University of Fribourg. He is a clever, endearing self-doubter with a penchant for philosophy.

Article series on the science of time




I have written 10 pieces exploring the science of time from physics to biology, linguistics and psychology. The series has been published in the watchmaking industry magazine Europastar.

Article on new paediatric hospitals


Bulletin des médecins suisses


New children's hospitals will open in Zurich, Lausanne, Saint-Gall, Chur, Lucerne and Geneva in the next few years. They follow a new paradigm: making children feel comfortable and integrating their families as therapy partners. I have looked at projects in Lausanne and Geneva for the Bulletin des médecins suisses

Article on medfluencers


Bulletin des médecins suisses


Medical influencers active on Tiktok, Instagram or Youtube, explain diseases, talk about treatments, and report on the daily life as a doctor or a nurse. Most deliver serious content, others are less thorough. I have written about these “medfluencers” for the Bulletin des médecins suisses.

Article on peer review




How do scientists perform PeerReview, this essential cog in the workings of science? Here are the insights of three researchers that I have gathered for Horizons, the magazine of the SNSF Swiss National Science Foundation and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.

Article on precision medicine


Bulletin des médecins suisses


Precision medicine is well established and is going more and more beyond oncology, especially in pharmacology. I report on a few current research projects in Switzerland for the Bulletin des médecins suisses, published by the FMH.

Article on psychedelic therapies republished


Canton Basel


My article on psychedelic therapies published by the Bulletin des Médecins suisses was reprinted in “Ausgesucht”, the magazine of Basel’s health department

Report on decentralized financed


Center for Digital Trust


Cryptofinance could disrupt traditional markets by removing intermediaries. But is it really decentralized, anonymous and efficient? Not always, explains the report on decentralized finance that I wrote for Center for Digital Trust at EPFL.

Articles online

Horizons – Bulletin des médecins suisses – Universitas

More examples

A selection of older texts and articles.


"Für die Pharmabranche beginnt ein neues Zeitalter" – Joe Jimenez, CEO Novartis (Swissquote, 2011)

"Nous demeurons dans l’ombre" – Peter Pauli, CEO Meyer-Burger (Swissquote, 2010)

"Wir können die Natur von der Wirtschaft nicht trennen" – Inger Andersen, director IUCN (Horizonte, 2019)


Der Physiker, der alles voraussagen will – Didier Sornette, physicist and investor (Horizonte, 2019)

20 entreprises familiales qui font le Nord vaudois (PME Magazine, 2012)


La science du bonheur (Reflex, 2012)

High frequency trading: Millionengewinne in Millisekunden (Swissquote, 2012)


Séquençage ADN: la course au génôme est lancée (Swissquote 2010)

The murky costs of nuclear power (Reflex, 2011)


Médecine chinoise: bataille pour un marché juteux (L’hebdo, 2012)

Alzheimer-diabète: l’enjeu qui fait saliver Nestlé (L’Hebdo, 2013)

Informatique bancaire: développer ses systèmes à l'interne ou outsourcer? (Private Banking, 2009)

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